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Friday, March 20, 2015

Tip of the Week March 20

NX Tip of the Week
March 20, 2015

NX - Ordinate Dimensioning in NX Modeling and Reusing it in Drafting

Today I will explain how to create ordinate dimensions within NX Modeling. I will also show how to reuse the dimensions in Drafting.
Ordinate Dimensioning in Modeling Application -

Result in Drafting Environment -

  • To get started, make sure the PMI option is turned ON. By default, it is turned OFF

  • Set the Model View to Work:    

  • Under the PMI Ordinate Dimension command, pick Single or Multiple Dimension.

  • With Single Dimension, use Select Origin where you pick any point. This is going to be the origin of the ordinate dimension.

  • I have selected the single dimension option to help pick one hole at a time:

  •  Start by picking the center of the holes and place them one at a time:

  • Now let's look at the Multiple Selection option. With Multiple Dimension, I can pick all the holes at once.

  • Change the option to Multiple Dimension and pick the origin:

  •  Set the Baseline option:

  •  Before I start selecting the holes, the margins need to be defined. Click on the Define Margins command:


  •  Here are the options I selected for this example:


  •  Select the bottom left corner point as the origin:


  •  Follow the same procedure to get a horizontal margin:

  •  Baseline option step:

  •  Select all the holes by clicking on the center point of the circular edge.

  • Result:

  • Save the Model file.

  • Switch to the Drafting application and place the top model view on the sheet:

  • After placing the view, go to View Settings:

  • Make sure to change the settings to From Model View, click Apply:

  • Final Result:

    Navjot Gill 
    Application Engineer
    Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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