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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All new resources loaded with Solid Edge and NX (Unigraphics) tutorials

We would like to introduce our latest in web development at Ally PLM bringing you new video channel resources for Solid Edge and NX (Unigraphics) software. These clean, user-friendly, and searchable video channels are loaded with tutorials, tips, tricks, overviews, case studies, the newest product enhancements, and more.

New tutorials will be added monthly to each channel, and future topic suggestions are welcome and encouraged by contacting us. Both channels feature a Posts RSS feature in the upper right to add notifications right to your web browser (no more e-mails) when new videos are posted.

The links can be found in the top navigation bar of our blog or below.

Ally PLM Solid Edge Video Channel
Ally PLM NX (Unigraphics) Video Channel

How to Navigate

Categories are listed on the right side of the video channel. Click any category and it will generate the videos relevant to the category. Be sure to check out the "Lunch Bytes" for the newest tutorials and past replays from the Ally PLM Application Engineering staff.

Below the Categories is a post Archive including titles of each video posted which is in a hierarchy format and easy to find what you want.

To make things even easier, in the upper right, the search feature searches everything on the channel. Say you want to see all of the videos we have about Solid Edge ST3. Simply type "Solid Edge ST3" in the upper right, and any video we have in Solid Edge ST3 will generate. You can also search modeling specific features such as Drafting, Mold Tooling, Translators, etc.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome as we stride in continuing to provide valuable and current technical resources for Siemens PLM Software users.

Gina Yeagley
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions

Ally PLM Welcomes Application Engineer Chad Varney

Ally PLM Application Engineer Chad Varney
In August of 2012, Ally PLM added another new member to the staff. Please join us in welcoming Application Engineer Chad Varney. Chad will be responsible and dedicated to providing support and service for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Born and raised just southeast of Cincinnati, Chad has lived in the small towns of Williamsburg and Georgetown, OH. He earned his Associates Degree from the University of Cincinnati's College of Applied Science in CAD. After completion of the CAD program at University of Cincinnati, Chad has worked in a production machine shop and a plastic injection mold company before joining us at Ally PLM. Equipped with over a decade of experience, Chad has experience setting up, programming, and running CNC machines. In combination with this experience, he also has strong CAM Programming and CAD Solid Modeling skills.

In his free time, Chad enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He contributes to his children's sports programs by coaching their soccer and basketball teams. An activity his family enjoys together is dirt bike riding and cross country racing.

Gina Yeagley
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ally PLM at Fifth Third Field

Fifth Third Field and The Dayton Dragons welcome Ally PLM Solutions!

Ally PLM is hosting a series of free informational events for Dassault Systemes SolidWorks users to talk about future development of the software and issues surrounding the kernel change. The events are free and consist of an hour presentation at the stadium from the SolidWorks Bible author Matt Lombard, immediately followed by the ball game - tickets courtesy of Ally PLM. Matt's knowledge, publishings, honest approach, and long-time history using the software make him a go-to resource in the SolidWorks community.

Last Thursday (August 30, 2012) we kicked off the first of our 3 events in Dayton, OH at Fifth Third Field with the Dayton Dragons. Be sure to join us on September 20 at PNC Park with the Pittsburgh Pirates or September 21 in Cincinnati for the last Friday night game at Great American Ball Park.

From Matt Lombard following the presentation:
"At least one of the SolidWorks users thought the main premise of the talk (Kill SolidWorks, long live Catia Lite) was beyond belief, and went to their reseller to ask. The response from the reseller was that the Catia-based product will be available in 2014, and that the data transition will be “seamless”. (They’re resellers, what do you want them to say?) Basically confirming the new direction. I’ve heard elsewhere that the new software will be shown at SolidWorks World 2013."

Get Informed:

See if the new direction of SolidWorks really makes sense for you, and determine if your CAD tools and data are at high-risk. Have the rare opportunity to network with a nationally-recognized SolidWorks authority at the baseball game while you're at it. We hope you can join us.

Get details or register for our upcoming events with the Cincinnati Reds or Pittsburgh Pirates at

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See photos from our first event below:

VIP Tour of Fifth Third Facilities

Ally PLM Senior Application Engineer Brandon Carter and Marketing Director Gina Yeagley

The group on the field just before the game

Gina Yeagley
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions