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Friday, March 6, 2015

Tip of the Week February 27

 NX Tip of the Week
March 6, 2015

NX - Moving an Imported Body to the Absolute Origin

Hello everyone - In this week's Ally PLM Tip of the Week, we will take a look at a couple of methods that we can use to move an imported body that is out in 3D space to the origin which will make it easier to work with.
1)  Import the desired file
a. Go to File - Import (in this example a Parasolid file):

2)  Method 1: Using Move Object
     a. Go to the Edit Pulldown menu and select Move Object:

b. The default movement type in Move Object is dynamic. Select the body:

c. I want to reference a keypoint on the body where I want the absolute origin to be.  I'm going to turn on "Move Handles Only" to move the orientation handle relative to the geometry.

d. Notice I can snap to keypoints of the geometry.  This is going to be the point I want to move "From":

e. Then, turn off "Move Handles Only" to put you back in a move function.  Then I'm going to select the origin of the Datum Coordinate System as my "To" location.  Notice the body moves from the center of the pocket to the origin:

f. Now the imported body is at my absolute origin:

3)  Method 2: Using Move Face
a. Click on Move Face on the Synchronous Modeling Toolbar:

b. Window select the body to pick up all the faces.

c. Make sure your Motion type is set to "Point to Point".

d. Select the center point of the pocket as your "From" point:

e. Select the origin point of the Datum Coordinate System as your "To" point:

f. Click OK.  The body is now at the absolute origin:

In this Ally PLM Tip of the Week, we looked at using Move Object and Move Face to help move an imported body closer to the absolute origin.

Click HERE to watch a video of this tip:

Brandon Carter 
Senior Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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