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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Generating Tech Pubs Directly from CAD data: Using the Rapid Configuration Module in Cortona3D to Create a Custom Data Import Profile

Setting up a Data Import Profile in Cortona3D gives you control over which file properties (aka metadata) are extracted from your CAD files and where that data is mapped to inside your technical publication projects. 

The video below, best viewed at full screen, gives a brief overview of how to setup a Data Import Profile for an Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). The goal is to extract the Document ID Number and the Part Title from the CAD files and map those values to the Part Number and Description columns in the Detailed Parts List (DPL). The tool I will be using to create the Data Import Profile, called Rapid Configuration, is included in Cortona3D’s Rapid Author suite. 

If Cortona3D is new to you and you are interested in automating your technical publication process, feel free to contact Ally PLM to schedule a demonstration.  

Paul Mass
Applications Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions Inc

Solid Edge ST5 - Maintenance Pack 7 - Available For Download Now


Solid Edge ST5 - Maintenance Pack 7 Announcement:  

The latest Maintenance Pack (MP7) for Solid Edge ST5 is now available for download.

You can download the Maintenance Pack here:

A valid WebKey account is needed to access Maintenance Pack downloads.  To create a WebKey you need your Customer Sold-To ID and your WebKey Access Code, both found under Solid Edge Help, About.  You can create your WebKey account here:

Installing Maintenance Packs is quick and easy. Some known security issues arise with installing any software on Windows 7 OS regarding User Access Control (UAC); these same issues exist when installing MPs.  Windows UAC should be turned off and after unbundling the download run the .exe as administrator by right mouse clicking on the file and selecting Run as Administrator from the quick menu. Most UAC security issues can be avoided by installing Solid Edge to a location on the client machine anywhere other than the default “Program Files” folder.  As long as the user has full write permission to a folder location such as C:\SolidEdge\ these issues should not arise.

Ally PLM encourages all of our customers to stay current with released Maintenance Packs.  Maintenance Packs deliver the most current updates and resolution of PRs to your software platform.  You can find detailed information regarding the PRs that a Maintenance Pack addresses in the “readme” .txt file found with the MP download.

The Ally PLM Technical Support Team is available to answer any questions and provide support for all of your needs; including Maintenance packs.  You can contact the Ally PLM Technical Support Team via email at or via phone at (513) 984-0480 Option: 4

Matt Johnson
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Solid Edge University 2013 Schedule Now Posted

Solid Edge University 2013 has posted the schedule for this years' event.  From June 24th - June 27th, in Cincinnati, Ohio, SEU13 will host the Solid Edge development team, industry experts and users from all over the globe.


Be sure to check out Ally PLM's own Matt Johnson and Madison Rye, as they will be presenting on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Along with Matt and Madison, Ariel Corporation’s Nate Emler, Engineering Programmer, will be presenting at SEU13 on the Best Practices in Developing Cast/Machine Models.

Madison Rye, Application Engineering Manager at Ally PLM Solutions Inc., will present 505 - Modal Analysis in Solid Edge Simulation from 2:30-3:30pm on Tuesday, June 25th, in Convention Center 6.  This session will cover concepts behind Solid Edge's simulation capabilities, included in standard Solid Edge along with the advanced features available with Solid Edge Premium.

Key Topics:
- simulation options
- setting up simulation studies
- model preparation
- application of boundary conditions (including forces and constraints)
- meshing
- solving and examining results

Matt Johnson, Application Engineer at Ally PLM Solutions Inc., will be presenting 108 - Advanced Assembly Techniques Leveraging Synchronous Technology on Wednesday, June 26th, in Convention Center 8, from 11:30-12:30.  This session will approach design challenges head-on from the assembly environment.

Designed for advanced users applying top-down design approach while working with master model assemblies will learn how to:
- make faster edits
- maintain design intent
- become better as a top level assembly designer

Nate Emler, Engineering Programmer of Ariel Corporation, will be presenting 125 - Best Practices in Developing Cast/Machine Models, demonstrating the ordered modeling practices of Ariel Corporation in creating casting and machining models in the ordered part environment.

The live demo will show How-To utilize commands such as:
- Parts Copies
- Family of Parts
- Assembly Features
- Open Profiles to speed up change process/minimize the chance of modeling mistakes

This years' SEU event will provide more hands-on labs, customer presentations and technical sessions than ever before.  Check out the rest of the speakers and course event descriptions.

Learn multiple ways to enhance productivity in just four days. Be one of the first to experience the most powerful Solid Edge yet, Solid Edge ST6.  If you haven't already registered, be sure to register today!

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Win a free ticket to attend Solid Edge University

This is the Solid Edge® event to attend. Why? Because it is all about you…helping you to learn, grow, and connect with a vibrant community of super users. Join the Solid Edge development team, industry experts and peers and learn ways to improve your productivity in just four days! Watch this video for a quick overview.

More than 80 sessions presented in 9 tracks, with special keynote speeches from NASA and Engineers Without Borders. A value of $1,185, your free ticket includes admission to Solid Edge University 2013, Solid Edge Developer Day, the Femap™ Symposium and the Design Management Workshop. These not-to-be-missed sessions are sure to inspire you to design better! How to win: Tweet the following: I want to win a ticket to Solid Edge University 2013 #winSEU13 Or simply click the button below and tweet:

How to win:Tweet the following: I want to win a ticket to Solid Edge University 2013 #winSEU13

Or simply click the button below and tweet:
Retweet This

What you need to know:
  1. Contest begins May 22nd at 10:00 a.m. CDT
  2. Tweets must contain the hashtag #winSEU13
  3. You can tweet only 1 time a day; each tweet counts as an entry.
  4. The winner will be selected by random drawing
  5. The deadline is May 31st at 5:00 p.m. CDT. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 3rd, via our twitter handle@SiemensPLM and at our new Solid Edge Community.
  6. No purchase is necessary to win.
Alternatively, you may want to just go ahead and register. Should you be the lucky winner of the Free ticket, we'll reimburse you, or you could simply share your ticket with a colleague.
Good luck.
Learn how to win and read official rules

The winner will be announced on Monday, June 3, 2013 via our twitter handle 
@SiemensPLM and at our new Solid Edge Community.

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions Inc.

Friday, May 17, 2013

#SEU13: What's going on in Mt. Adams

In our 3rd installment of the What to do around Cincinnati series, Ally PLM gives you an inside look at the historic district of Mt. Adams in Cincinnati, Ohio. Be sure to check out Mt. Adams while you’re in town for Solid Edge University 2013 to enjoy the beautiful architecture, views, and well as the delicious food and drink offerings this setting has to offer.


Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
One of the first professional regional theatres in the United States, Playhouse in the Park offers the broadest range of theatre in an inviting environment. Click here to view show times. It is located at 962 Mount Adams Circle Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Eden Park
Eden Park is one of the most popular parks in Cincinnati. It houses the Cincinnati Art Museum and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Hinkle Magnolia Garden, which has a beautiful gazebo, memorial tree groves and paths, Mirror Lake, and the Bettman Fountain. Click here to learn more about the park. It is located at 950 Eden Park Drive Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Fine Dining

The Celestial
This Four Star, Four Diamond, award winning steakhouse offers gorgeous views of the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River. Click here to view their menu. The Celestial is located at 1071 Celestial Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

The Rookwood
Housed in the former manufacturing facility of the Rookwood Pottery Company, the Rookwood uses fresh ingredients for its made-from-scratch menu and offers a wide variety of craft drinks. To view their menu and learn more about the history of the Rookwood, visit their website. It is located at 1077 Celestial Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Casual Dining

Mt. Adams Bar & Grill
This restaurant offers not only a diverse food and beverage menu, but also a rich history. Reputedly operated as a speakeasy by famous Cincinnati bootlegger George Remus, Mt. Adams Bar & Grill in was the first drinking establishment in Ohio to obtain its liquor license in Ohio after the repeal of prohibition. Click here to view their menu. It is located at 938 Hatch Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Teak’s Thai Cuisine
Enjoy authentic Thai recipes and fresh sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. Outdoor seating is available in the summer months. Click here to view their menu. It is located at 1051 St. Gregory Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Tavern on the Hill
Located in the heart of Mt. Adams, Tavern on the Hill offers delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place to grab a drink and watch all your favorite sports. Click here to view their menu. Located at 1111 St. Gregory Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Late Night

This bar holds the title of Cincinnati’s oldest Irish pub. Crowley’s has a wide variety of food and drink items to be enjoyed in casual atmosphere. It is located at 958 Pavilion Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Come and enjoy the warm weather on this historic building’s patio. Longworth’s has been a part of the Mt. Adams landscape for over 25 years and has an upstairs and a downstairs bar, both equipped with outdoor seating. Click here to view their daily specials. Located at 1108 St. Gregory Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Mt. Adams Pavilion
This 4-story bar and grille overlooks the city and provides great views of the skyline and the Ohio River. They offer a seasonal menu live music several days of the week. It is located at 949 Pavilion Street Cincinnati, OH  45202 (Get directions).

Tap & Go
Four Entertainment Group of Cincinnati partnered with the Cincinnati Wolfhounds Rugby Team to create a truly unique experience. This bar televises live international ruby and soccer games and carries many local beers on tap. They also have pool tables and a large courtyard. Click here to view their website. Located at 950 Pavilion Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions)

Sweet Tooth

The Sweetest Things
New to Mt. Adams, The Sweetest Things is a boutique bakery and café that offers full service breakfast and lunch along with their specialty baked goods. Click here to view their website. Located at 942 Hatch Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Bow Tie Café
This cozy café offers specialty coffee drinks, cocktails, and pastries. It is a great place to unwind and have great conversation. Click here for a coupon to Bow Tie Café. It is located at 1101 St. Gregory Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Get directions).

Bridget Hatfield
Ally PLM Solutions

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Siemens PLM Launches Public, Online Community

Siemens PLM has launched a public, online community ( available for customers and those wishing to learn more about Siemens PLM and its products.  Ally PLM recently sat down with Susan Cinadr, Director of Social Media at Siemens PLM Software, to discuss the latest updates.  Susan also holds the title of Community Admin so she knows the in’s & outs of how the community works. 

Bridget Hatfield of Ally PLM interviews Susan Cinadr here:

The Siemens PLM Community is a place where users can collaborate with other users, find information about products and accelerate their adoption and use. The forum is open to viewing for anyone, however if users want to post questions or answer others, a simple registration is required.
Siemens PLM Community offers:

--subjects on different products
--wide variety of participants
--up-and-coming industry topics

Anyone interested in Siemens PLM software can access the public, online forum and participate with peers and Siemens’ experts.  Ally PLM Application Engineers’ will hold an active presence in the community.  Ally PLM is anxious to assist all users by posting knowledge base articles and answering user questions.  Solid Edge and NX for Manufacturing are two sections available in the community with other sections such as NX for Product Design, NX for Simulation and Femap coming online soon.  This sub-section for Solid Edge users provides a community to share experiences, build relationships and offer support both peer-to-peer and directly with Solid Edge Experts. 

Registered participants in the Solid Edge community consist of Solid Edge Version 1 users and a number of others that have been active in other Solid Edge forums for years. 

Benefits of the Siemens PLM Community include:

--ability to connect with other users from around the globe
--streamline search queries for efficiency
--constant network growth
--tips & tricks from experts
--latest news and updates

Some threads have been established to help you learn how to navigate through the community.  Make sure to check out the “How to’s” and Knowledge Base that will make your experience in the community easier.

Catch you in the community!  

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions