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Monday, October 1, 2012

Find out what version your Solid Edge files are

If you want to crawl a directory and find out what version your Solid Edge files are…

1) Go to Windows Start Menu → All programs solid edge → data prep tools → analyze
2) Click analyze files from specified folder and browse to your top level folder
3) Click ok
4) When the spreadsheet comes up go to the SE Data Prep Tab at the top and click Get SE Version
5) After it is finished scroll over to the column Last Saved Version
6) Contact with any questions

Madison Rye
Application Engineering Manager
Ally PLM Solutions


  1. This sounds exactly like something I recommended to users on the Siemens BBSnotes. Fantastic way to use tools developed for one application in another.

    Do you also know you can use the same tools to convert all those files to "Available" status? If the VBA wasn't password protected, it would be easy to modify the code to make the files any status you needed.

  2. Scott, thanks for your response. Yes, that tool allows for many items to be changed such as if you want to add a custom property to all your files at once.

  3. i need to open solid edge st 7 files in st6(lower version)
    it says cant open file check correct version for application and read access
    pls help

  4. Vinayak - Thank you for your inquiry. You cannot open a newer version (ST7) in an older version (ST6). You could save the ST7 version to an older version of Parasolid, and open the Parasolid in ST6. If it was an Ordered file in ST7 (History Based), then you will not have the history tree to edit in ST6. You can however use Synchronous Technology to make changes.