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Friday, October 16, 2015

NX Tip of the Week October 16

NX Tip of the Week
October 16, 2015

NX - Using the In Process Workpiece for
Multiple Setups in NX CAM

You can use the In Process Workpiece (IPW) for multiple setups in NX CAM making programming easier and more efficient.  Using the IPW as Blank Geometry can help you visualize the material that has already been cut and also allow NX to create very efficient operations without excessive tool path motion.  The steps below will show the process for using the IPW in a part that requires multiple setups.

1)  The part starts out with the blank defined using a bounding block:

2)  After the operations on the first setup have completed the IPW looks like this:

3)  Now I will use the IPW option to define the blank for the second setup:

4)  Select Source for IPW:

5)  Use the WORKPIECE from the first setup:

6)  Use the Update button to load the IPW from the first setup:

7)  Notice the IPW displays with the operations from the first setup complete:

8)  This shows the second setup operations have been completed and now the IPW is ready for the third setup:

Thank you,
Chad Varney
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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