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Friday, May 22, 2015

Tip of the Week May 22

NX Tip of the Week
May 22, 2015

NX - Using Extend Sheet in NX 10

Hello everyone - In this week's Ally PLM Tip of the Week, we will take a look at using Extend Sheet command in NX 10.

1)  In Modeling on the Surface Tab in the Surface Operations Group, click Extend Sheet (also in Shape Studio):

2)  Here are the surfaces that we are going to extend:

3)  Here is the command dialog for Extend Sheet:

4)  You can extend the sheet two different ways under Limit: 
       a.  Offset - uses a value for an offset value to extend/shorten the sheet.
            i.  In the example below, I selected both vertical edges of the green surface to offset/extend:

      b.  Until Selected - uses a face to extend to. 
            i.  In the example below,  I selected the right edge of the yellow surface and selected the face of the green surface to extend to:

5)  There are also other options to investigate under the settings group.
      a.  Surface Extension Shape

             i.  Natural Curvature:

             ii.  Natural Tangent:

             iii.  Mirrored:

      b.  Edge Extension Shape

             i.  Automatic:

             ii.  Tangent:

             iii.  Orthogonal:

       c.  Body Output

             i.  Extend Original Sheet:

             ii.  Extend as New Face:

             iii.  Extend as New Sheet:

In this Ally PLM Tip of the Week, we took a look at using Extend Sheet to extend surfaces.  I encourage you to create a simple example like the screen shot above and try the different options outlined above.
Brandon Carter
Senior Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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