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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Former SolidWorks user wins competition with NX

Christer Oldeide uses NX, wins student design competition

Winning Image Designed In NX
Congratulations to Christer Oldeide, a winner of Siemens PLM Software Student Design Contest.  Christer used NX™ software to design his winning idea.
Christer Oldeide is currently studying Mechanical Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology. Students were assigned a project to make an electric screwdriver that was inexpensive and suitable for putting together flat pack furniture. Christer came up with the idea of combining a screwdriver and hammer as one. His aim was to make it small and compact and very easy to use.
Christer chose to use NX software to design his winning idea. Previously Christer was a SolidWorks user. His university has various CAD packages including NX which is part of the Siemens PLM Software academic program. He decided to use NX for this project. After taking a little time to get used to the software, his only real challenge was learning how to use surface modulation. Christer used NX fairly comprehensively on the assignment, including the various features and functions that are part of the NX academic bundle such as extrude, revolve, emboss, through curve mesh, scale and edge blend. His favorite aspect of NX was unite/subtract and trim body. He said that NX is a quality software tool –”and it never crashed!”.
Christer was impressed with NX and said that he would recommend it to other students. “NX is amazing. After I learned how to use the function, expressions, the program is even better. When I graduate I hope that I can continue to use NX.”
Read a case study to learn more about his school, the university’s engineering programs and the other Siemens software they are using.
See more winning images and information on how students can participate on our Student Design Contest Winners webpage.  For more information on NX, visit here, or a free trial, visit here

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