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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Quick Peek Inside Solid Edge ST6

 Solid Edge University 2013 will be upon us soon.  Solid Edge ST6 will be officially announced by the director of Solid Edge Development, Dan Staples.

Ally PLM is offering up a Solid Edge Lunch Bytes: What's New in ST6 Part 1 webinar, a 30-minute web session dedicated to making you a better Solid Edge User, along with providing you a FREE Subway lunch!

A few new attributes like a New Relfective Display mode and Dimension auto-arrange will be unveiled.  Surfacing looks to be a focus for ST6, with new tools such as the Reflective Plane and Ruled Surface.

Check out the video on both:

As you can see from the Ken Grundey's video above, he says the Reflective Plane doesn't need an overhead geometric mirror to showcase the second half of the part previous to completion.  Usually you would model one half of the symmetric molded part and mirror the body of the other half when completed.  ST6 uses zebra shading tools for analyzing and inspecting the surface quality.   Ruled Surface uses existing geometry to to provide multiple options in order to create the surface.

Ken's video below shows the drafting process and how to make prints presentable and simpler to create.  According to Ken, Arrange Dimensions allow the user to automatically arrange dimensions to the standard defined by your template.  When using the Retrieve Dimension command to pull 3D model dimensions into 2D drawing and when updating a 3D model with an existing dimension drawing, dimensions don't always come in or update in a neat fashion.

Solid Edge ST6 will be upon us soon.  It will provide you with an elaborate amount of new tools and enhanced productivity.

"One of the biggest time savers in Solid Edge ST6 might be the ability to auto-arrange 2D detailing dimensions that were retrieved from the 3D model."  - Solid Edge ST6 BETA testing customer David Iverson, Drafting Checker at Ariel Corporation.

Register to watch Solid Edge Lunch Bytes: What's New in ST6 - Part 1

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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