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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Generating Tech Pubs Directly from CAD data: Using the Rapid Configuration Module in Cortona3D to Create a Custom Data Import Profile

Setting up a Data Import Profile in Cortona3D gives you control over which file properties (aka metadata) are extracted from your CAD files and where that data is mapped to inside your technical publication projects. 

The video below, best viewed at full screen, gives a brief overview of how to setup a Data Import Profile for an Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). The goal is to extract the Document ID Number and the Part Title from the CAD files and map those values to the Part Number and Description columns in the Detailed Parts List (DPL). The tool I will be using to create the Data Import Profile, called Rapid Configuration, is included in Cortona3D’s Rapid Author suite. 

If Cortona3D is new to you and you are interested in automating your technical publication process, feel free to contact Ally PLM to schedule a demonstration.  

Paul Mass
Applications Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions Inc

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