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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Siemens PLM Launches Public, Online Community

Siemens PLM has launched a public, online community ( available for customers and those wishing to learn more about Siemens PLM and its products.  Ally PLM recently sat down with Susan Cinadr, Director of Social Media at Siemens PLM Software, to discuss the latest updates.  Susan also holds the title of Community Admin so she knows the in’s & outs of how the community works. 

Bridget Hatfield of Ally PLM interviews Susan Cinadr here:

The Siemens PLM Community is a place where users can collaborate with other users, find information about products and accelerate their adoption and use. The forum is open to viewing for anyone, however if users want to post questions or answer others, a simple registration is required.
Siemens PLM Community offers:

--subjects on different products
--wide variety of participants
--up-and-coming industry topics

Anyone interested in Siemens PLM software can access the public, online forum and participate with peers and Siemens’ experts.  Ally PLM Application Engineers’ will hold an active presence in the community.  Ally PLM is anxious to assist all users by posting knowledge base articles and answering user questions.  Solid Edge and NX for Manufacturing are two sections available in the community with other sections such as NX for Product Design, NX for Simulation and Femap coming online soon.  This sub-section for Solid Edge users provides a community to share experiences, build relationships and offer support both peer-to-peer and directly with Solid Edge Experts. 

Registered participants in the Solid Edge community consist of Solid Edge Version 1 users and a number of others that have been active in other Solid Edge forums for years. 

Benefits of the Siemens PLM Community include:

--ability to connect with other users from around the globe
--streamline search queries for efficiency
--constant network growth
--tips & tricks from experts
--latest news and updates

Some threads have been established to help you learn how to navigate through the community.  Make sure to check out the “How to’s” and Knowledge Base that will make your experience in the community easier.

Catch you in the community!  

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager
Ally PLM Solutions

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