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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Solid Edge University 2013 Welcomes Local Application Engineers

The Solid Edge User Community has continued to find ways to improve and expand since its inception in 1997.  This year, Ally PLM will have a few of their very own presenting at Solid Edge University.  Cincinnati, OH is the location for the Solid Edge event from June 24-27, 2013.  Solid Edge University 2013 provides a complete list of benefits:

-Comprehensive Training
-Networking Potential
-Hands-On Experience
-Increased Productivity via User Enhancements

Ally PLM Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that two of their very own, Madison Rye and Matt Johnson, will be presenting at this years’ SEU13. Along with Madison and Matt, Nate Emler of Ariel Corporation will be presenting as well.

Madison Rye is an Application Engineering Manager at Ally PLM, and her session will cover Model Analysis in Solid Edge Simulation.  The presentation will target designers and engineers looking for an overview of vibration theory and modal analysis in simulation.  This presentation will expand the Solid Edge user’s engineering analysis capabilities. 

Matt Johnson, Application Engineer at Ally PLM, will be presenting on the topic of Advanced Assembly Techniques Leveraging Synchronous Technology.  Users with assembly environment experience will gain useful insight and work with master model assemblies to apply the top-down approach. 

Ariel Corporation’s Nate Emler, Engineering Programmer, will be presenting at SEU13 on the Best Practices in Developing Cast/Machine Models. Ariel Corporation is one of Ally PLM’s customers, and they leverage Solid Edge to completely utilize their engineering capabilities.   Nate will teach designers how to create a linked casting and machining model that is easy to update. 

View the other courses offered for Solid Edge University here

SEU13 is adding new presenters each day, so maybe you’d enjoy sharing your testimony of how well Solid Edge has worked for you.  Call here to make your submission today!

Take full advantage of the $50 discounted Early Bird registration, available until June 7, 2013 - Register here.  Along with those great savings, Solid Edge University is offering up an astonishing 3 colleagues for the price of 2!  Bring two colleagues with you, and you get in absolutely FREE!  

Tim Larsen
Ally PLM Solutions

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