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Monday, April 8, 2013

Converting a 3 axis operation to a 5 axis operation with NX CAM

The Tilt Tool Axis option can be a very useful when determining how to machine areas that are difficult to reach with standard tooling.  This option was introduced in NX8.0.  When trying to cut difficult to reach areas, options were limited to creating a new 5 axis operation or using longer tooling before the Tilt Tool Axis option was available.  Now, you can take a 3 axis operation such as Surface Contouring or Z level operations and convert the operation into a 5 axis operation on the fly.

As you can see in this example, the tool holder comes in contact with the part on the steep wall toward the lower portion of the operation.  This is a Z Level Profile operation with the tool axis vector set to the +ZM axis.

To convert this operation to a 5 axis operation automatically, the Tilt Tool Axis option can be used. 

First, right click on the operation and select “Tool Path” and then select “Tilt Tool Axis”:

Next, set the desired tilt and clearance settings in the Tool Path Tilt dialog box:

NX automatically adjusts the tool path by tilting the tool to avoid the collision areas.  As seen in the pictures below, the tool axis vector remains along the +ZM axis until the tool reaches the problem area and automatically tilts to avoid the steep wall.

As we can see, this functionality can be very helpful when cutting steep areas.  This option can also be used for avoiding clamps and fixtures.  For more information, please contact Ally PLM Solutions at

Chad Varney
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions

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