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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Expanded Online Training Offered by Ally PLM Solutions

Ally PLM Solutions now offers all of their interactive training courses online. Students can realize significant benefits from online training which includes cost and time savings by cutting out the travel. Ally PLM utilizes GoToMeeting for these sessions which supports live screen sharing.

Online sessions offer all the same benefits of in-person sessions. Students will be guided by an experienced Ally PLM engineer to learn all of the capabilities of our software offerings, tips and tricks, and how to best leverage our products to increase engineering and design productivity. Screen sharing allows for real-time demonstrations and feedback and connects the user directly to the instructor.

The requirements for online training are simple and can be found by clicking here.  All training sessions are held from 9:00AM-4:30PM EST unless otherwise noted. We have several different online course offerings for our products which include:

To view all of our online training courses and to register for a class, visit our training overview website. Now anyone can take advantage of Ally PLM’s comprehensive and unique training opportunities whether they’re located in Cincinnati, outside Ohio, or even outside the United States.

Bridget Hatfield
Ally PLM Solutions


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