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Monday, November 23, 2015

Maintenance Release 3 for NX 10.0.3 is now available

Maintenance Release NX 10.0.3 is now available for download from the Siemens PLM download server. NX 10.0.3 is an accumulation of fixes built for installation on top of Windows 64-Bit, Linux 64-Bit and Mac OS images of NX 10.0.0.

To download this Maintenance Release, Maintenance Release Documentation, or to review the README files, select the following link or enter the URL in your browser address window:

From the Product Download page, enter “10.0.3” (including the quotes) in the Search box to see a list of links to the release letter and available release packages.

Alternatively, the release packages can be found using the file navigator by selecting ‘NX’ from the list of products and then navigating through the directory structure by selecting:
Product updates --> Maintenance-release --> NX10 --> [platform].

If you encounter any problems installing this maintenance pack, please contact Ally PLM Solutions 513.984.0480.

Tracy Tijan
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions

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