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Friday, December 19, 2014

Tip of the Week December 19

 NX Tip of the Week
December 19, 2014

NX - Using Margins in Drafting with NX 9

Hello NX Users - In this week's Ally PLM Tip of the Week, we will take a look at using margins in NX 9 to create dimensions in drafting as well as aligning dimensions so they track together as you move them.

1)  Margin Options/Values

     a. Go to Preferences-Drafting to get to the Drafting Preferences:

       b. Type "margin" in the search: 

      c. Select the line that says Margin - First Offset

    d. Notice the options for First Offset and Spacing:

2) Placing Dimensions to Margins

a. Go to a Linear Dimension

b. Make sure "Place Automatically" is unchecked:

c. Click the points for the dimension

d. Notice as you move your cursor up, the dimension wants to snap to the margins.  The first margin is the first offset (40 mm), every step after that is the spacing offset (10 mm):

e. Create another Linear Dimension

f.  This time make sure "Place Automatically" is on:

g. As soon as the dimension object is selected, the dimension is automatically placed at the first margin (first offset):

3) Create a dimension alignment

          a. Drag the placement dimension to hover over the target dimension.  The target dimension would be the dimension that drives the movement and the placement dimension will track along with it:
          b. This can also be done on creation. While placing the dimension, you can hover over the target dimension to create an alignment:

c. Notice if I move the first dimension, the others track along as well. 

In this Ally PLM Tip of the Week, we looked at using margins to help align and keep dimensions nice and clean in Drafting.  We also looked at how to make dimensions associative, so if one moves the others track along with it.  I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Click HERE to watch the video of this demonstration: 

Brandon Carter
Senior Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.

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