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Friday, August 22, 2014

Tip of the Week August 22

NX - Hidden Uses of the Middle Mouse Button   

Everyone is always looking for shortcuts to get their work done quicker. One of the often overlooked tools for doing this in NX is the Middle Mouse Button. There are several uses for this mouse button that you probably only use to rotate your view. There are four main uses for the middle mouse button that we will show in this video:
  1. OK/Apply - You can use the middle mouse button to select the currently highlighted button. For example, use it instead of clicking OK when choosing a new file or ending a command. 
  2. Start a new line when drawing a profile – Click the middle mouse button to disconnect from the current set of segments and start a new one. Click it twice to exit the sketch tool.
  3. Close Sketch Tools - Click the middle mouse button to exit out of sketch tools such as Circle.
  4. Advance Dialogs - Use the middle mouse button to advance to the next step in a dialog. For example, when applying constraints to sketches.   

Click HERE to watch the video:  

Ben Roll
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc

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