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Friday, June 13, 2014

NX Tip of the Week June 13, 2014

NX - Providing a new interface and functionality with NX 9   

NX 9 brings us a whole new user interface as well as new functionality in the software and in particular, drafting. NX provides its users with access to great tutorials if you are new to the software or if you want to learn the new functionality.

To access the tutorials on drafting enter the drafting environment. This is done by going to File> New in the upper left hand corner and selecting drawing in the box that appears:

Once in the drafting environment, select the Web Browser tool found on the far left as shown below: 

Then, you will notice in this menu you have multiple options. You can get an Overview of NX Drafting which includes descriptions on the new functionality in NX 9; or you can access the tutorials. Just select a tutorial image to run it and it displays as well as opening the part file you will use for this tutorial. An example of this is shown below: 

NX 9 provides its users with great options to learn the software as well as to update current users on new functionality in the product.  
Nathan Pfeiffer
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc

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