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Monday, March 4, 2013

MSU Announces In-Kind Software Grant from Siemens PLM

          Morehead State University’s College of Science and Technology along with the Morehead State University Foundation announced on March 4, 2013 that it has received an in-kind software grant from Siemens PLM Software with a commercial value of more than $209 million. This grant is part of Siemens PLM Software’s Global Opportunities in PLM initiative, known as GO PLM, which delivers PLM technology to students of all ages at more than 11,000 institutions worldwide. This software grant will give students of MSU’s Department of Applied Engineering access to the same technology that global companies use every day in developing products in the aerospace, automotive, machinery, shipbuilding, and many other advanced technology industries.

          The GO PLM initiative promotes the importance of filling STEM job skill gaps and aims to do just that with this MSU partnership. The in-kind software grant from Siemens PLM Software includes:

  • NX
  • Solid Edge
  • Tecnomatix

          This software will aid digital manufacturing, hybrid 2D/3D CAD, and other computer aided design, manufacturing, and engineering applications. With more than 71,000 Siemens PLM Software customers worldwide, education in these areas will create highly qualified candidates out of MSU students for specialized careers in the engineering and technology communities. 

To learn more about this in-kind grant or the Morehead State University Foundation, call (606)-783-2599, or view the press release here.

Bridget Hatfield
Ally PLM Software

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