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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Improve Solid Edge Network Performance

If you feel that opening and saving is taking too long over the network – meaning you store and use your files on a network drive, the this is a simple setting change that at no cost to you can improve your speed ….

It is CRITICAL that all cards, switches etc from the client machines to the server be all set the exact same – 1 GB and full duplex.  Every single thing in the chain from the computer to the server must be set the same and they should be 1 GB full duplex for the best performance.  Auto negotiate should not be used.  We have many accounts where this took the time to open large assemblies from being measured in hours to being measured in minutes.  We have a guy that has traveled to France and Australia just to ensure that these settings were all the same and all he did was change auto negotiate to 1 GB full duplex.  He personally witnessed the difference of 45 minutes on an assembly around your same size to 2 minutes with only that change made.  But again all the settings for every single thing from the client to the server including NIC cards and switches must be the same setting of 1 GB full duplex.

I personally witnessed this with a customer.

From my customer:

“I believe our speed issue is now resolved. We found a new network card and installed on a client machine. Speed was set at 1GB full duplex, same as the server. “

They bought NIC cards for 60 dollars for 2 machines because they did not have 1GB capability on those cards.  Typically, the IT dept does not want to use full duplex,  but I actually saw that this myself that this was the only change we made – auto to full duplex and it went from unable to make an unmanaged copy because it was too slow and would time out (The model I used to do this time study has 3762 files and total size of all the files is 853 MB.) to being able to create it.  The opening of the model in work in progress from the 32 minutes to down to 4 minutes.

If you could do some time tests and get the numbers to compare, then you can tell you if this will help you.  It is an inexpensive and easy thing to change even just to test.  I will be glad to help you if you want to send me some numbers, I can tell you quickly if make this simple setting change will help your speed.

As the system is now and just testing between the hard drive and the network …
  1.   Find a very large assembly of about 5000 parts or as big as you can get
  2.   Use create unmanaged copy in view and markup to copy that to the local hard drive and also to a   network drive that is unmanaged
  3. Also create a zip of that assembly that was copied to the local hard drive
  4. Fill out the chart below using a stopwatch (there are many online)

Hard Drive
Open large assembly

Make change and save large assembly

Open large draft

Update view in large draft

Save large draft

Copy zip of large assembly and use windows explorer to paste the zip file to location on network unmanaged where Solid Edge files are located

Madison Rye
Application Engineering Manager
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc. 

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