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Monday, April 23, 2012

Solid Edge University 2012 - Is it Worth the Trip?

Here is his response:
I have been earning my living using Solid Edge for 16 years, during which time I have attended several Summit conferences, Beta testing sessions etc. in the US. There is simply NOTHING like getting together with other dedicated Solid Edge users and meeting with planners, developers and support engineers 'up close & personal' to show them what you are doing with their software, learning how to use it better and putting your point across with regard to improvements which will help you do your job better.
The quality of work I produce today is the best I have ever achieved, largely due to the improvements in Solid Edge that I and other Users have helped to instigate, test & refine. If we sit on our butts and just complain that: a) we don't understand properly how the software works, or b) something is buggy & doesn't work right, or c) the features we really need are missing ... not much will ever improve.
If Siemens are willing to host an event to help improve our knowledge & skills and also gather feedback about how we use their product & what needs improving – just try to keep me away!!

Rick will probably spend as much time on a plane to get to Solid Edge University as you will spend at the conference.   If it is worth Rick’s level of investment, it is worth yours as well.
While you are at the conference, make sure you attend Rick’s session:
105-Succeeding with Ordered and Synchronous Features 
Rick Mason, Director, Masco Design Services
Designs don’t have to be Synchronous OR Ordered: You can have the best of both worlds! Designers with any skill level with ordered features, or just starting to explore synchronous technology in will benefit from attending this session. Attendees will gain confidence in leveraging their existing skills, work-flows and ordered designs, and better understand the options open to them for combining Ordered workflows with powerful Synchronous tools. Users will benefit in seeing what’s available inSolid Edge, especially when deciding when and how to get started with synchronous modeling and when to use ordered methods. Most of the presentation will be live, using real-world examples from current or recently-completed MASCO projects.
We did a survey of Ally PLM customers who attended last year’s conference to ask them if the event was worth the trip – 100% of those who attended said it was worth the time and money to attend.  If it is worth Rick’s time and money as well as 100% of last year’s attendees, it will be worth yours. 
I look forward to seeing you in Nashville.
Kim Corbridge
Ally PLM Solutions

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