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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Cool Moments from the 2011 Solid Edge Global Summit

As we plan for Solid Edge University 2012, here are some highlights from the 2011 Solid Edge Global Summit in Huntsville, AL:

  1. Tony Affuso, Chairman of Siemens PLM Software, shared the business growth for Solid Edge over the past 18 months.  Solid Edge sales grew 50% during calendar year 2010 and continued to see this growth rate in the first half of 2011.
  2. Brad Jaeger, talked about Safety considerations in the Edison2 project with a picture of his Daytona car engulfed in flames on the screen.  Their understanding of safety was punctuated by the fact that he was the driver in the flaming crash we were looking at. 
  3. Karsten mentioned that members of the GTAC staff (the Siemens folks who answer the customer support line) were in attendance -- the audience broke into applause. 
  4. Karsten asked those in attendance their opinion of the conference – their response was a standing ovation.
  5. During the award session -- enthusiastic applause when John Devitry from Utah State University and Space Dynamics Lab won the award for design work using Synchronous Technology.  John’s contagious enthusiasm, fueled by equally infectious use of Synchronous Technology had become an icon of the excitement that was evident in everyone in the room.

I look forward to another outstanding session in Nashville June 11-13th.  Hope to see you there. For info on the Conference -- click here
Kim Corbridge
Ally PLM Solutions

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