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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to import your existing Technology Database after installing a new version of CAMWorks for Solid Edge

When upgrading to a new version of CAMWorks for Solid Edge or installing a Service Pack, it is important to know that you can import your existing Technology Database.  During the installation, CAMWorks automatically creates a backup copy of your existing Technology Database and then installs the new “Out of the Box” Technology Database.  Here are the steps to import your existing Technology Database:

1.  Go into "Maintenance" from the main page:

2.  Use the "Import Database" option:

3.  Ensure that Solid Edge is not running and then click "Next":

4.  Browse to the techdb.mbd file that CAMWorks automatically backed up during installation.  This will be located as shown below:

5.  It is a good idea to backup the “Out of the Box” techdb.mbd file.  Then click “Next”:

6.  Click "Import" to import your existing Technology Database:

7.  Click “Finish” and then open Solid Edge and verify that your existing Technology Database information is active:

Chad Varney
Application Engineering Team, Ally PLM Solutions

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