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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have you heard about the great unique features of ST7?

Ally PLM Application Engineer, Matt Johnson, thinks "It’s exciting to see these new features begin to leak out and I’m excited to get my hands on the commercial release version of ST7.

Matt reviewed the new information and said this about the new "Fixed Length Curve" option:

Have you ever been asked to “push a rope”?  Never worked too well, did it? Until now… well, sort of. Truth be told we can only really do this conceptually inside of the new functionality in ST7. Now we can push a rope and do something useful...

One of the sneak peek features in ST7, the forthcoming release of Solid Edgeis the ability to add a dimension to control the length of a curveThe new ‘Fixed Length Curve’ option looks like a great enhancement. It provides a method to pre-define a fixed length to then manipulate it, it’s just like working with a piece of pre-cut rope.

I think customers who sweep profiles but have a need to know the unformed length will really appreciate and find value in this enhancement. There’s no doubt that ‘Fixed Length Curve’  will greatly aid in these sort of processes and design approaches.

I have no way of knowing for sure but I’m hoping this same functionality will carry over to XpresRoute, Frame, and Harness as well.

Find out about the “Fixed Length Curve” here:

If you'd like to learn about other new SE7 features, check these out in the Solid Edge Community Blog:

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Tracy Tijan
Ally PLM Solutions

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