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Monday, February 17, 2014

CAMWorks for Solid Edge 2014 Service Pack 1 Now Available

CAMWorks for Solid Edge 2014 SP1 is now available for download!

Key improvements in this service pack of CAMWorks for Solid Edge include:
  • 3-Axis to 5-Axis Conversion allows for shorter and more rigid tooling: Users of the 5-axis module can now convert their 3-axis toolpath to 5-axis with the 'Convert to 5-Axis' option with Holder Avoidance. 
  • Advanced tool selection logic: This correction will result in automatic selection of the appropriate tools for more efficient toolpaths. 
To alleviate any problems during installation:
  • When installing CAMWorks for Solid Edge 2014, we recommend that users right click on the CAMWorks for Solid Edge executable and click on Run as administrator
  • Some of the existing users ran into a problem with importing their existing TechDB. Instructions for importing the existing TechDB can found in Section 11 of the Installation Guide available in the Downloads Area (login required)
This release also addresses the issue of CAMWorks hardware (dongle) license intefering with the Solid Edge license when the CAMWorks dongle was removed. To learn more about CAMWorks for Solid Edge, click here.

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Tracy Tijan
Ally PLM Solutions

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