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Monday, October 1, 2012

Siemens PLM grants $427 million in software to University of Louisville

Following the recent grant to West Virginia University in the summer, The Siemens PLM GO PLM™ Initiative has generously granted another $427 million dollars in software to the University of Louisville. Engineering students will have the ability to become more “real-world job ready.” The software will help students learn design, simulation, tooling, and the manufacturing process. "What we have not been able do to is afford software of this type because it takes decades of work and a lot of engineering knowledge that only really large companies have available,” said J.B. Speed School Dean Neville Pinto. Engineering students at University of Louisville can expect to gain real-world engineering knowledge on top of their acquired knowledge during their academic tenure. The university has acknowledged the need for software for a long time. With this new software implementation, students will have a competitive edge upon graduation from University of Louisville. “They can step into an industry and essentially contribute from day one,” Pinto said.

The software was installed in late August and students are using it this semester.
Read the press release from University of Louisville here.

Gina Yeagley
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions

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