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Monday, May 7, 2012

Business Benefits of Solid Edge University

Scott at the 2001 Solid Edge Summit  
“I attended the very first National Solid Edge User Group meeting in Chicago in 1997 and also several others in the years that have followed.  Even presenting several Hands-On sessions for a couple of years.  Every time I attend, I learn and share ways to improve productivity with Solid Edge.  A trip to the user group also offers the opportunity to talk directly to the software planners and developers and present workflow problems and make enhancement requests.  I’m a small business owner.  Time away from the office means lost hours and revenue.  The time and dollars invested to meet and learn from the Solid Edge community is easily justified.” 
Scott Christensen - Summit Tool Design
Although Solid Edge University is an enjoyable event, the real reason for attending is to improve the business you are a part of whether you are a 1-2 man design organization or a company with 100 engineers/designers.
If you are an Edger trying to justify making the trip to Nashville, here are some items to consider.  
  • To improve the rate of innovation in your development process, the sessions at Solid Edge University will provide exposure to new technologies that will allow you to innovate more.
  • To complete design projects more quickly with fewer resources, you can participate in hands-on training sessions on both existing and advanced new features in the software.  This will make you more productive in the use of the software.
  • To improve product quality and reduce manufacturing issues you can provide input to Solid Edge direction as a product.  New product features focused on your specific needs will improve your product quality.
  • To expand existing partnerships with customers and suppliers as well as to identify new partners, the conference will allow you to network with hundreds of other Solid Edge customer both in your neighborhood and across the country.
  • If these topics are important to your business, put Solid Edge University on your June Calendar. 
If you have not registered yet, there is early bird pricing available until May 18th. 

I look forward to seeing you in Nashville in June.

Kim Corbridge
Ally PLM Solutions

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